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fot.  Archiwum - Zoo Safarii w Borysewie -1424347862
ZooSafari in Borysew
fot. Archiwum - Zoo Safarii w Borysewie

fot.  Archiwum Muzeum Miasta Łodzi -1333614079
Manufaktura - retail and entertainment complex in Łódź
fot. Archiwum Muzeum Miasta Łodzi

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Explorers Festival

14. Explorers Festival in Lodz 21 - 25.11.2012


Every year the true adrenaline festival hosts world-known alpinists, explorers, sportsmen, globetrotters and discoverers. There is also a review of films by the most famous film-makers, competitions, photo exhibitions and workshops

Light Move Festival (Fot. P. Kamionka)

Light Move Festival II. 19 - 21 October 2012


And there will be light and Łódź bathed in the evening in artistic light, will for a second become New York.

Manufaktura Comlex

Łódź (pron. Woodge) - a must see in the center of Poland


10 selected places worth seeing & visiting in Łódź with some short history of the city